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Opportunity We welcome you all to digital and sex tourism . Earn money with sex and digital tourism. White European and American ladies are here for fun. Were not an escort agency so dont call to enquire about any profile pictures and booking prices. Mingle and satisfy white women from Europe and America, Earn cash, receive gifts, English language is compulsory . We also attend to the LGBT community, so if youre gay, or lesbian , or maybe bisexual and looking to explore, youre welcome. Pls note. We are not an escort agency, We dont provide prostittutes, You need to buy an invitation card to attend the event, We have a platform that allows straight and gay people to earn and Mingle with foreign tourists . Its a foreign establishment , so if you cant speak English, dont even bother. all that is needed is the invitation card and pass. so, as long as youre healthy and active and not ashamed of giving sexual services , your days of money problem , losing money to fraudsters are over. Youre welcome . Reach us via whstsapp Scott Andy....

Published Date : 22.07.2020

Adult Meetings Lucknow

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