orgasmic massage

Hi ladies, I am 21 year old male providing sensual and orgasmic yoni massage for you!4 in 1 Total Body Wellness Massage:- Full body Japanese Oil massage- Breasts massage- Yoni Massage- Sensual Bath MassageBelow are benefits of yoni massage:• The whole body will become more erogenous, pleasurable, orgasmic, sensitive; Increased sensations and awareness specifically in the yoni area.• Experiencing new and different kinds of orgasms and orgasmic states.• Learning how to lengthen, deepen, recognize and expand orgasms.• Experiencing the auspicious feminine manifestation of female ejaculation.• Releasing and healing past pain and trauma• Improving or overcoming conditions like low libido, frigidity, vaginismus, abundant painful dryness of the vagina, pain or irritation during love-making, irregular menstruation, menstrual cramps.• Bringing health to the breasts, yoni, the whole mind and body – an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away• Naturally and effortlessly magnifying the aspects of surrender, universal unconditional love, trust, femininity, personal love.• Personal growth and empowerment – A sexually open and orgasmic woman will feel empowered and strong.• Better connection with your partner and yourself, with your fellow sisters and with men.• Experience receiving without needing to reciprocate.• Higher states of stillness, dissolution, transcendence, oneness and consciousnessWhole session will last 2 hours.Testimonials:Mabel: At first i got misgiving about another guy touching my privates but once everything started, it is so heavenly and relaxing and i truely love the feelings out of the massage session. This is my first time achieving orgasms, not even my boyfriend can achieve that, highly recommend to all ladies out there!Cassandra: I thought I knew it all on how orgasms gonna feel like when I do with my husband. Little did I knew that this is my very first intensive orgasms! The whole thingy give me a new benchmark on how orgasms is like! Definitely recommend all ladies to try this guy skills. Dont think you know what orgasms is, try his then you will have a new understanding what orgasms is about.Sarah: The touch was perfect, it totally relaxed my body and stress away. He is patient and dont rush to end the session or stop on the dot like those massage shops. Definitely recommended!Melissa: I was nervous at first but he totally relaxes and ease me up with his skillful massage warm-ups. He dont rush to massage me and while he slowly concentrate on the massage to make sure relaxation is reached.Free Trial for 1st Session for a limited period! Hurry while availability lasts! Due to overwhelming responses, advance booking of time slots is required.Only Female are Welcome to Contact

Published Date: 25.02.2020

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